We all need a place where we can crawl into security, hide, find ourselves and recharge our batteries.  As every single time we go back to one of our many roots, in Denmark, I think: Oh yes, I really needed... Continue Reading →

It’s time for a break when…

... the office cleaning lady kindly points out to you that she's found a lone kid's sock on your desk; you on the other hand are quite aware of it as you took it out earlier before a meeting in... Continue Reading →

Pretty reads

What better is there than to browse a book shop, looking for new things to read when you've just finished a book?  I had finally the time to read one of the books out of the stack that is waiting... Continue Reading →

So much about self control…

Me in the grocery store: Don't buy flowers, you don't need flowers, nope, don't even look ...Oh look! Flowers! 

When you can’t see the beauty in things anymore

After a week of grey sky, heavy clouds, and a return of the freezing cold, the sun is finally out again this morning. Usually, at the sight of a blue sky announcing itself at dawn, when I drive to work,... Continue Reading →

Sharing the writing on the web

I read this piece from Thirty on Tap the other day where Jillian Stacia shares her thoughts about what writing on the web and exposing yourself in this quite extreme way does to you. What you learn through the process... Continue Reading →

Another chips & chocolate day

It's been one of these days today... slowly creeping into my system, munching on my energy and diminishing it to nothing. And when I've hit the bottom, I'll go out for the deadly combination of "chips, chocolate & a diet... Continue Reading →

Following the seasons

I should be writing right now. Finishing those damn last two chapters of my novel. I'm at 100,000 words now, and it still isn't done. Even though I wrote over 5,000 words again yesterday, there's still these few scenes to... Continue Reading →

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