Back from the dead

You know that nagging feeling of bad conscience, because you've an issue or a problem that you are very much aware is lingering just below the surface, and that you've tried to ignore so long to make it disappear? This... Continue Reading →


Process of learning

I recently logged into the blogoshpere again after a long time of absence, and as the reflex goes, ended up reading posts about how to sharpen your writing tools, your writing routines and all that stuff. I don't know how... Continue Reading →

Focus on your real goals without burning the fuse

About a year ago, when I completed my first actual novel and send it off to literary agents (I cringe at the thought, because I now realize that it wasn't really very good), I sat down shortly after and jotted... Continue Reading →

What makes your heart beat faster, really?

It's now 4 days since I submitted my latest novel to a couple of agents. I look at my email account at least 10 times a day and with every pulling down the screen to refresh the page, my heart... Continue Reading →

Like saying goodbye to an old friend…

So here we go again, less than a year after starting it, I've sent off my latest manuscript to a few agencies today. The typical things happened, like attaching a file that still contained an "xxx" where I had intended... Continue Reading →

Blind passenger

On my zillionth editing review of my novel I suddenly realized that a stranger had sneaked his way into the story! My main character had been taken over by the one in last year's novel, unconsciously, just like that. And... Continue Reading →


We all need a place where we can crawl into security, hide, find ourselves and recharge our batteries.  As every single time we go back to one of our many roots, in Denmark, I think: Oh yes, I really needed... Continue Reading →

It’s time for a break when…

... the office cleaning lady kindly points out to you that she's found a lone kid's sock on your desk; you on the other hand are quite aware of it as you took it out earlier before a meeting in... Continue Reading →

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