Be gentle to yourself – not lazy

This weekend was a sort of "pheeeeew" weekend, where all the air of the hot overinflated balloon just slipped out, leaving me behind as a tired empty shell. Nothing had gone according to plans and routine - two things I... Continue Reading →

The Power

I recently had a discussion with a colleague at work about those phases of reading bulimia, where you just close one book and grab right the next one on your nightstand. This mostly, in my case, because I've surpisingly managed... Continue Reading →

Back from the dead

You know that nagging feeling of bad conscience, because you've an issue or a problem that you are very much aware is lingering just below the surface, and that you've tried to ignore so long to make it disappear? This... Continue Reading →

Process of learning

I recently logged into the blogoshpere again after a long time of absence, and as the reflex goes, ended up reading posts about how to sharpen your writing tools, your writing routines and all that stuff. I don't know how... Continue Reading →

Focus on your real goals without burning the fuse

About a year ago, when I completed my first actual novel and send it off to literary agents (I cringe at the thought, because I now realize that it wasn't really very good), I sat down shortly after and jotted... Continue Reading →

What makes your heart beat faster, really?

It's now 4 days since I submitted my latest novel to a couple of agents. I look at my email account at least 10 times a day and with every pulling down the screen to refresh the page, my heart... Continue Reading →

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