What this blog is about… And what it isn’t.

This blog is NOTHING like you have seen before. It is just SO not your ordinary blog. Really!


Because… It has no concept, no clear structure and is just a basic platform for one of these gazillion strangers out there like me who feel the desperate need to share their thoughts. 

Nobody cares? Doesn’t matter. ‘Cos officially, we have a blog! 

I’m most probably never ever going to share any dramatic tear-shedding stories, no political rants about anything or highly intellectual stuff of any kind. Not that the world doesn’t need any of it (actually there is a monstruous need for the latter kind) but I just feel that I’m not the best person to talk about anything like that and that there are people out there that are far more competent in those fields. 

I just thought that, as a little introduction, I’d warn you so the few lost souls on the web who accidentally stumble upon this blog don’t feel utterly disappointed. 

Apart from that? Have fun scrolling through bits and pieces of my mind that I actually manage to jot down before falling asleep at night.