Just as I’m getting ready for bed and quickly taking a shower – boom! 

I got it! I mean, I really got it!

I was wondering what to do with the chapters that need rewriting and just how much I’d have to fix my story and whether I had messed up completely, thus making it impossible for the sequel of this probably never-to-be-published novel ever to see a glimpse of daylight, when I mentally shouted and jumped up and down:”Oh, oh, hold on, I got it. No … noooo don’t go away!”

I had the mind-blowing first words of the first chaper of the sequel of the novel I’m working on ready. And it was good! And it would make the whole story work much better and more real in the end. I was a genius!

But… I was in the shower. Before getting to my phone or notebook, I’d have to dry off, dry my hair, check in on the kids, brush my teeth… Which would only take a few minutes, but these were the crucial minutes where I could lose it all!

And this just happens to me all the time! And I’ll be thinking: oh well, I’ll write it down tomorrow… But sadly enough, I’ve got an extraordinary short attention span (gold fish, anyone?) and in the morning I won’t even remember whether I already showered the evening before or not, and much less any lingering idea, no matter how brilliant.

If only there was a way to feed these things into an electronic device that would register it directly! Imagine all the novels I could have written already and overwhelming and brilliant plots I’d have up my sleeve, ready to make me famous!!