I’m almost afraid to post this, scared it will jinx it all. But right now, I’m only three days away from finishing the editing work on my book. 

It took me of course a while longer than planned, like all my schedules usually do, as I seem to be a master of miscalculating the number of hours in a day and thus never manage to get through with my to do list… BUT, this time I think it’s the real one. The almost complete major edit of my baby book, my very first one. 

I know of course that it isn’t really the last edit, but it is certainly the worst one. I had to rewrite about 50 pages in the end, that just didn’t make any sense and almost lost all hope of getting any inspiration as how to tweak it all in a way that isn’t going to make a potential reader throw it in the bin when he’s already halfway through. 

And that’s where I lost track of my daily page count because I got seriously stuck. Also, a very mild case of flu threw me down (because we all know how much we adults suffer once we have a little cold) as well as workload at my actual, real work. 

If, no, when I finish editing the last 68 pages on Thursday, I’ll have Friday to write the Epilogue I have in mind and will edit it immediately and then I’ve decided on a last run-through on a print version for all the last missing spots and inconsistencies, which will have to be done by the end if the following week. 

And then it will be done. The crazy thing I never thought I could do. The crazy and completely unrealistic and utterly self-serving project that I had set my mind on so many times, will be achieved. And all of it, one tiny step at a time, a day at a time.