Two fifths done, the rest to be done in the next two days, it’s the final countdown! 
And as so often, one of Stephen King’s advices comes to my mind. He said something about doing the first read through of your novel in as few sessions as possible. I did that partially, yet am afraid that during my second edit, I lost my way too much into the detail of the chapters, losing all perspective on the story as the whole, the big picture. 

Now, mostly due to my not very perfect time management, I’ll have to read all 540 pages in 4 days, along to working full time. And I think that it’s the best thing that could happen, as it will allow me to keep the bigger picture of the story in mind and noticing where the tone of voice and descriptions are harmonious all throughout the novel and where they aren’t.

So, again an example of how a problem (here: my imperfect time management) can be seen as an opportunity!