I discovered this series in a store around the corner that sells everything from magazines to paper ware, cigarettes and snacks. I must have picked it up while popping out of work for a super motivational combination of chocolate & nut bar / Pringles / gums and a diet coke. I know, the diet coke doesn’t make any sense, but it always feels like drinking a real coke is going to be the one unhealthy choice that is going to tip the balance. Go figure.

It was one of the first books I bought in a long time, after a book-draught that must have started at about the time that I got out of university and started working and… lasted for 3 or 4 years. Even at university, I had neglected my love for books, with other things on my mind and the interest fading away.

I finished the first one of the Stephanie Plum series “One for the money” in one or two evenings, then hurried to buy all the next ones in the series that were available in the store. It was all I could think about, ensuring constantly that I had the next novel ready in case I finished the preceding one before my estimated time. At some point, the shop around the corner didn’t sell them anymore, and waiting for the Amazon delivery became the most painful experience.

Why I loved it so much? It just made me laugh out loud and smile all the way from the beginning to the end. I love her quirky style, her way of just keeping it all simple. And how she manages to make the most incredible things happen in these pages, like Mojo the monkey or Lula. Seriously, what’s there not to love about her?

And then again, a nicely alluring love story and really handsome guys. What more do you want? And all of this without too much schmoozy going on. Straightforward, hot and witty. Two hot men, one woman, lots of testosterone going on. But not in the 50 shades kind of way – no offense, I read it and enjoyed it, but it was not among the novels that made me think: hey I want to do this. And also, I have a hard time with stories where the power play is too obviously man=power and dominant. Not my favourite theme.

And, it had brought me back to reading, at a time when concentrating at home was difficult: I was just the typical young working mother, tired constantly, and unable to concentrate on anything too complex. And it made me want to read more again, to make that passion I once had part of my life again.

Also, after reading them, I thought: Well this is what I want to do. I want to make people laugh their ass off, brighten their day and give them a break from everyday hassle. What more beautiful action than to bring a smile on a stranger’s face, or help him disconnect for just a little while?

I really hope that one day I will be able to do something like that. I will never be able to write with the wit of Janet Evanovich, or master the words like Stephen King. But I will most definitely continue trying to find my voice and a way to give people that much needed piece of entertainment to take a break.

And another, last, really not significant point but a very important detail for me: she got published after her forties… so hey, I’ve still got a little bit of time ahead of me, right?

Here are a few extracts that might help prove my point:

“Is that a bulletproof vest? See, now that’s so insulting. That’s like saying I’m not smart enough to shoot you in the head.” Eddie DeChooch” ― (Janet Evanovich, Seven Up)

“Romance novels are birthday cake and life is often peanut butter and jelly. I think everyone should have lots of delicious romance novels lying around for those times when the peanut butter of life gets stuck to the roof of your mouth.” ― (Janet Evanovich)

“Only men you can count on these days are Ben and Jerry.” ― (Janet Evanovich)

“In my opinion, the only good spider is a dead spider, and women’s rights aren’t worth dick if they mean I can’t ask a man to do my bug squashing.” ― (Janet Evanovich, One for the Money)

“He [Ranger] stopped in front of my parents’ house, and we both looked to the door. My mother and my grandmother were standing there, watching us. “I’m not sure I feel comfortable about the way your grandma looks at me,” Ranger said. [Stephanie] “She wants to see you naked.” “I wish you hadn’t told me that, babe.” “Everyone I know wants to see you naked.” “And you?” “Never crossed my mind.” I held my breath when I said it, and I hoped God wouldn’t stike me down dead for lying.” ― (Janet Evanovich, Hard Eight)

“Calories don’t count if they’re connected to a celebration. Everyone knows this.” ― (Janet Evanovich, Hard Eight)

“Here’s a basic difference between Morelli and me. My first thought was always of cake. His first thought was always of sex. Don’t get me wrong. I like sex . . . a lot. But it’s never going to replace cake.” ― (Janet Evanovich, Eleven on Top)

See? Isn’t it gorgeous?


Actually, you know what? I think I’m gonna take another round of Stephanie Plum today…

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