Oh yeah. From book one on, I was hooked. And way long before the TV series ever came to Europe. I was actually afraid to watch them, afraid it would destroy the magic that the novels created.

A friend of mine borrowed me the first one, and I was more than suspicious about the whole vampire thing… And that’s where I see the talent of Charlaine Harris. She brings you so swiftly into this world that all you want to do is jump right in, sit in a booth at Merlotte’s and wait until Eric Northman comes your way and sits down for a drink. Or Alcide. Yes, definitely… maybe both of them? Ok, I’d better stop right here.

What I’m trying to get at is that I just find it so inspiring and incredible when authors manage to hook their readers so badly, that these will go berserk while waiting for the next volume to get published. You will be thinking about the characters when you get up in the morning, and wait all day until you can go to bed and continue reading all about them at night. And I’m more than sure that many of you out there have dreamt about them as well, am I right? Yep, I know I am.

It’s really something to revel at, because after all, how good do you have to be to get us drawn into a world that is so surreal, and make us want to jump inside, accepting all its flaws just to be allowed a glimpse inside and behind the scenes?

And I might also add that I’m not exactly a huge fan of this vampire – werewolf stuff, although I get caught from time to time. I even admit to reading all of the Twilight series, but although I liked the first one enough, I got bored with the following ones. But that might be just because it’s really hard for me to get hooked to this kind of fantasy stories because it isn’t actually my hundred percent favourite thing. And yet, Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse stories have it all : a bit of fantasy, crazy stories, good-looking aspiring lovers, and some action going on. And although the plots are crazy and so far from anything you would want your world to look like (apart from some of the male characters maybe…), I never once had that moment while reading where I thought: “Ugh come on… a bit far-fetched, no?”

When I start to get really hooked to and inspired by a writer, I tend to create a mental image of what they look like, what their pastimes are, how they came to start writing, … and when I discovered Charlaine Harris, I was quite surprised because of course, as so often, my preconceived ideas had all been wrong. And that’s just the best thing about it. Every once in a while, I’ll feel timid in my writing, and wonder what people will think about me when they read it. And although I know that it doesn’t matter, it takes me some reminding from time to time.

While writing this blog post, I went for a look around her website, which has been refreshed since the last time I looked at it (must be quite some time ago, about the time the novel started being published) and one particular element I like is that she also blogs about novels she is reading, and shares thus her discoveries of new books on the market.


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