Weekly word count

Last week I got a jolt of motivation, after seeing finally the light at the end of the tunnel after a long heavy month were all worst things sort of came together and made life quite unbearable for  while.


And although, as usually, my plans were sort of over-optimistic, I am quite happy to say, that the fact that I put my major todo’s out here helped me get through it all and get almost everything done!

Here is, as promised the update on my weekly todo :

  • Write 25,000 words / 5,000 words a day – yes, I did it!
  • Knit a shawl … uhm… that sort of didn’t work out, as it is more time-consuming than I thought, and as I didn’t really have much time to do it.
  • Sewing project “Origami Oasis Bento Bag” from Kayajoy Designs – Bento bags pattern– I don’t really know why, but I changed that one into another pattern I had initially found, then lost in my paper mess, and then rediscovered, so I decided to give it a try. It didn’t exactly turn out perfect, but for my own personal use it’s good enough. I managed to do it quickly under 2 hours this weekend, the usual messy imprévus such as not finding the right sewing foot (which I didn’t remember removing in the first place) and letting a box full of needles fall through the radiator.

In case anyone’s interested, here’s the link from veryshannon.com for the tutorial of the Origami Bento bag.And here’s the result:

Origami Bento bag


  • Finish reading “Fearless” by Arianna Huffington – I only had some 40 pages left, but I almost didn’t manage to do it, honestly. There were some chapters that just didn’t speak to me and then I have been so tired all week, falling asleep shortly after 9, which doesn’t leave you much time to do much really;
  • Sorting and filing my papers at home… Ok, so this one is a tough one. I did it, but really, and very honestly, only because I put it on this blog. And I certainly am quite happy that I did so, because it’s one of these… oh no please… anything but that… kind of things to do.

And I’m quite happy because I even managed to do some additional stuff which is going to be important for my coming week, such as cooking and planning a bit in advance, as well as reading through a tourist guide for my coming weekend trip, so as to be at least a tiny little bit prepared.

As for this week’s todo, it’s going to be slightly different. Not only do I not exactly have much spare time this week, even less than usually, with the entire weekend falling out of the planning. I’ve just been so tired and about to come down with a flu, so I’m going to take it slow and easy, but still, a little bit productive.

  • write 20,000 words / 5,000 words a day on the 4 days I have time this week : this one should work, but my aim is to be a bit more efficient about my time management. Writing the needed words last week was really tough and took much more energy and time than it should do, which had a serious toll on my other projects and actual day job, which of course is a no go. So this week’s additional task will be to try and be more efficient about my time management
  • continue knitting my shawl (I feel like that one’s going to follow me behind for some while…)
  • not, under any circumstance, start a new sewing project, but finish repairing some of the children’s clothes: This after having to shovel my sewing machine free of the heap of garments that have been lying there, waiting, until someone finally comes around to repair them. So I’m going to take it bit by bit, cut the work down in manageable parts that aren’t going to be all that frustrating and get them done.

For the rest, it’s just going to be to take it slightly slower, to use time better, and be smiling and happy around people. This thought came to me this morning as I was driving to work. I had more than once a driver behind me who was so stressed out, driving way too close to me on the motorway, even though getting past me wasn’t going to get him anywhere, and I just decided to myself that I wasn’t going to let this annoy me, and wasn’t going to turn into such a bugging driver myself. (In case you’re wondering, no, I’m not a slow turtle on the road, just following the flow because it doesn’t really get you anywhere to squeeze somewhere in between lanes and skipping forth and back, once the traffic is on in the morning).

And so, a main leitmotiv for this week is going to be to keep my calm, stay happy, and to keep the positive vibes flowing so that people around me will simply be happy as well.