Everybody has a super stressed life nowadays. It will be either work or family or both of those, and all the things that go with it : keeping the house tidy, make sure the kids get to and from all the activities they want to do, ensure that they’re doing well at school, keep your business alive, get your work done, make sure you have enough money to pay the rent… and the list goes on.

And when you discover that although you don’t have a spare second in your actual life, that something is still missing, and when then you find that one thing that makes your heart beat, you just want to do anything to make it come true. Be it a side job, a passion, some creative activity, writing your novel, or whatever makes you really really happy.

But the risk is that you’ll do it half-heartedly, like myself, and as I did for many many years, putting it in the drawer at the very bottom, and only taking it out when I was feeling like I had really the energy and time to do it without stealing that same moment from some other activity that was more important.

Today, I came across this article The 100-Percent Rule: The Simple Advice That Changed My Life on greatist.com, which I wanted to share with you, because I feel like there is some truth in it. Susie Moore, a columnist who has just published her book “What if it does work out?”, explains how we might have been pursuing that one dream with only 99 percent of our energy until now, and how, once you dedicate yourself a 100 percent to that same project or mission, it becomes so much easier. It’s a little bit like doing a little bit of everything, but nothing wholly, which is an exhausting and frustrating experience, that gives little or no result at all.

Enjoy the read!