Khaled Hosseini

I will never be able to do anything like that. Never ever. And it is one of the few must reads I urge anyone out there to read. The worlds Hosseini creates, the imagery, the mixture between tradition, culture, politics, with perfect little details is so enthralling to read that you simply forget yourself in them. It feels like reading them in spurts is a crime. You should block yourself an entire day to be able to plunge into them, devour the story, feel with the characters and follow their evolution until the end that is always heart-warming, gut-wrenching, and completely paralyzing. And then you might need a couple of hours to digest the whole thing.

At least, that’s how I feel about them. The characters follow me around for hours, days, months and longer. They haunt me. Not in a bad way, but in a heartfelt way. Something I see or hear will make me think of one specific scene in one novel. I might not be able to tell which one it is, because it really doesn’t matter. And after reading one of his stories, I need to take a real break until I start anything else. And nothing else will feel like worthy to be the following read after what I’ve just been through.

I will catch myself thinking about the legend of the boy in the mountain, of remembering the expression “You are the noor of my eyes”, and so many many little details, that have made it such an enriching experience for me.

Speaking only of the talent of the author, I am in awe at how he catches the reader’s attention and manages to tell different stories, thread them together swiftly and without us noticing until sometime through the middle of the story, pieces start falling together and form a spider web no fly can ever escape. You will feel like you know each one of the characters so well, you’ll cry, laugh, weep with them and want to be able to touch them in reel, to talk with them about their story over a cup of tea or coffee.

What also inspires me is the fact that he doesn’t write in his original tongue. I will never acquire a proficiency and beauty of language and style like his, or depth of the plots and stories and characters, but it helps me believe that there might be an inkling of a chance that it might work out for me. And that giving up on the pretext of it not being my mother tongue is not an option.

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