Every one of us has had these huge dreams in his life, dreams that he wouldn’t really dare share with anyone as an adult, but that still are quite present in the back of our minds. When we were kids, we would dream of becoming a princess, or an animal, or a president, or a super star… later on, of becoming real successful, maybe own a company, or being a famous artist or simply a stellar cupcake-confectioner. And today? Do you still have those dreams? Or have you deleted them from your conscious mind and replaced them with more reasonable thoughts and targets?

Is it really so childish and irresponsible to have the craziest dreams? Is this going to lead you to be a beggar on the street, because you never gave up on your dream and continued to believe in something so abstruse that would make everyone shake their heads?

I would say : yes and no. I think you should have some crazy and impossible dreams, but maybe cut it down to something slightly realistic. I might allow myself to believe in becoming a published and famously rich author one day, winning the Nobel Prize and all. That’s nice. It’s a sweet dream. But even I know that is maybe a little bit far-fetched. Yet, take out that Nobel Prize and famously rich part, and it might actually work.
Sure, it’s still a far stretch, and I have absolutely no reason to believe I’ll ever get there, but I sincerely believe in that dream and hold onto it. (Ok, so I’m still clinging to that “famously rich” part as well, God knows why)

If I were to set a really realistic goal in that domain it would be something like : ok, so maybe if I work really hard, I might get a piece published in a magazine somewhere. That’s about it. And even that is a bit far-fetched. More realistic would be: I’ll never get anywhere and will be spending hours upon hours doing senseless stuff that is no good and never will be, because after all, I have never learnt anything about the craft and will never do.

Why? Says who? If we set ourselves such low projects and expectations, we can’t expect to get any further than that exact spot, can we? You can’t expect to get somewhere to the top of a mountain if you only believe in yourself being able to get the first 20 meters. It just doesn’t work that way. If you don’t take that first step towards your destiny, your destiny doesn’t stand a chance to ever find you.

You want to go far and reach the stars? Well go ahead! Make a map, draw the dots in between and the tiny baby stars you have to jump on to get ahead one day at a time. Draft that map to your dream and follow it scrupulously. Don’t look too high up or down, don’t get scared of the height. You’ll get there, one baby star step at a time.

Be bold. Dream the impossible. Then draw the map that leads you there and follow it step by step without looking back.