5 best quotes from Stephen Kings on writing

Did I ever tell you that I love Stephen King’s “On writing”? Yes, I guess I did… like… a gazillion times.

Yet, last time, when I read it once again – and believe me, I’m not a fan of re-reading books, so this is the one and only exception to the rule – there were again a few quotes that jumped out at me and made me understand, once again, why this novel was so compelling and motivating the first time when I read it and why it always makes me think that “Hey, I can do this!” once I’m done with it another time around. It always makes me want to jump right at my computer or one of my many notebooks and write.

And I think that a few of these extracts might give you a helping hand in either getting a head start at writing, or picking up some more courage to go on with it when all your senses seem to be telling you to just give up and do something else with your life.

Of course, these are just my favourite quotes and the ones that have been the most supporting for me. My tip? Read it. Get your library to buy it if you can’t afford it. Or jump over to Amazon or your local bookshop to buy it. I’m not saying you should make it your bible, but… hell, it is as much as a bible on writing can get for me.

Here we go, off to the first extract. (LINK to next post).

Stephen King On Writing_Astrid Ann Larsen