Quote 2 Stephen King On Writing

I do especially like the comparison to any physical exercise, because I worked on these two parts of my life at about the same time. I made a few feeble attempts, got stuck, felt depressed because it took so long and felt like you always had to start from scrap whenever you took a break. But then, I got up again, and gave it another try. ANd every once in a while, these nasty nagging voices in my head that tell me I’ll never be good at this stuff, they get shoved brutally to the far corner of my mind, where they sit, cross-legged, arms crossed, brows furrowed and brooding. They’re angry because once again, no matter how long the break had been, I had actually felt confident enough to try a new start.
This has been the case when it comes to running and physical exercise in general, healthier living, and writing and creating.

When I decided to write that novel, that famous first-time novel, I actually cut it down into 1,000 word units. I drafted a calendar, keeping the weekend free because I knew from experience that it just wouldn’t work, and then each day I would cross out my 1,000 It was easy, actually. 1,000 words are really not very much, more like getting warmed up to get into the topic. And so, most of the time, I would try and get up to 5,000 words done, and allow myself to cross out the additional words at the end of my timeline, thus shorting the timeline considerable and making the final date come closer so rapidly, that it in itself, this easy visualization, was a huge motivating fact. And if there was one day where I didn’t get to do much, I would always manage these 1,000 words.

And for those among you who feel still overwhelmed by 1,000 words, just cut it down to smaller bits, to a size that you feel comfortable with. It’s your life. Your work. Your writing. Find your style and just do it.

One writing platform that helped me a great deal in the beginning was the website 750words.com, where you can do a 3-month free trial if I remember correctly. You get sweet badges whenever you do well, and I’m a sucker for badges, so… worked great for me. Actually, can anyone out there please create a nice writing program where I get cheered on with cute badges as I go on? I’d be done in no time, I’m sure!