There was one such book for me, only thing is… I can’t possibly remember it! And also, I wouldn’t want to talk badly about anyone out here in public. But there was one audiobook I listened to recently, that, although the story in itself wasn’t all too bad and had lots of potential, the rhythm and anticipation building just sucked. I felt so disappointed, most of all because I really suffered throughout the story. I use audiobooks to pass the time on my runs or other fitness programs, as well as while I’m cleaning the house, and if I feel like that time is even more wasted or that I really don’t feel like I can run another mile, that just isn’t going to work for me. I wondered whether it was because the audio recording wasn’t good, or maybe the voice, but… I think that the trick is that once someone reads it out loud, and in a normal tempo, the holes and lack of emotion in the writing just are much more visible even than when you read it.

And for that novel I thought: Hell, I could maybe not write on that specific theme (it was about werewolves…) I think I could build a little bit better the suspense and story. And yet, that author had great reviews and I had loved the cover on the novel. So yeah, definitely. I can do better than that, if I try a little bit harder and challenge myself enough.

This was one of my most recent experiences, but I do vaguely remember books that I started reading and after a couple of pages thought : Hell no, I’m not going to waste my time on this! And then put the book down immediately, never opening it again.

So yes, I can do this, and I will, one word at a time.