So, here we are, 5 days left to the closing of NaNoWriMo and… I’m sort of going crazy. “Sort of” being putting it mildly … I’ve been freaking out this past week. For those who haven’t followed me, I decided quite late to participate, mainly to have another goal in mind, but also to have a means to get this story that has been wandering around my head for weeks finally down on paper. 

And it worked… For a couple of days… I had worked out that I needed to write 6,250 words a day. I usually have no way of fitting in private time at home with the kids  on weekends so this was the most reasonable plan I could make. And until now, I’ve almost managed to pull it through, every day until yesterday where I gave in to procrastination, not using very wisely the 20-30 minutes here and there between meetings to write. So I only got done about 2,000 words, meaning I’ll have to find a way to get the remaining 4,250 done this weekend. 

BUT – yes, it’s a big but – I’m not giving up on myself yet. I admit it’s been a very bad week for my actual work and I feel really awful about that … And I promise myself every day that I’ll make up for it. But then, the more I write and get drawn into the story, the less I am able let go. It’s more and more becoming an addiction. And I’ve got the feeling that if I don’t get the story down now, all in one quick & dirty draft, I’ll lose the magic of it. 

So, the story goes on …