Ok, so this is just incredible. Remembered, I had this really stupid idea of registering for NaNoWriMo some 13 days ago? Yup. And I did it, I actually did it. Wrote 50,205 words in 10 days.

Is it exquisite prose? No. Is the story good? Yes! Definitely! I’m amazed at the result, because I started with an initial inkling of a story, and then with every day, pushing myself through three hours of heavy duty writing (the average had to be 6,250 words in order to succeed) I started to get to know my characters, and discovering the thread of the story, and the shady background stories, just like that. Word by word, day by day. And the last part today is just brilliant (not brilliantly written yet, I’ll use the editing phase for that), but I’ve got the feeling that the story really works and will be sort of good. I like it. And that’s quite  a lot for someone who always thinks afterwards… nah… not good enough.

Want some proof ? here you go:


Cool huh?

Now I’m thinking and scheming about the best ways to continue to work on the story, but without killing myself over it like I did these last 10 days. I’ve been juggling between taking it slow – and realistic – and settle for an hour of writing every day. But that calculation will lead me to only 10,000 words a week, and there’s still some work left to do. So I’m afraid I’ll go with the rather crazy road – no surprise there – and try and get also some 6,000 words done over the next two days, and part of next week. The goal being to have the main parts of the story standing, to then go and start on editing the whole thing.

As I said, the writing isn’t exactly refined, but mostly because I was under such pressure to get the word count done, and also, at the same time, to get the story to move and avoid the mistake with my last novel, to just write to be writing, and ending up in deleting pages over pages of stuff no one would ever want to read anyway.

But then, on the other hand, I still have to do a lot of the preparational work (the one I didn’t do before writing the novel, obviously, because it was a last minute decision, and I had been occupied with my writing course just before signing up for this personal challenge.

I guess the perfect solution to getting this monster baby out will come to me the following days. I’ll keep you posted!