I woke up this morning from one of these typical dreams: chasing and running after a seemingly bad guy, never stopping for what feels like hours until I caught up with him and… Woke up. Damned, I wanted to know so bad how that story ended! So I did what I often do in these cases when I don’t have to get up for work because I’m way too late already: I chose an ending to the story that I like. And although it will probably not be logical, it won’t matter, because it’s my dream and I can bloody well do with it what I want to! 

Somehow one of the characters reminded me of the main character in the novel I finished and submitted last year. I had no success with it (in part I think because it’s just too long-160’000 words isn’t a good idea for a first-time novelist as is the idea of a series). And I’d settled on that idea. Felt quite comfortable with it actually. Because just as with most things in life, writing is a process of trial and error, right? If you did it all right the first time around, there would be no fun in it now, would it? 

And so I lay there, remembering bits and pieces of my failed story and the sequel that I wrote but never even edited, and I thought: hell, that was good! The plot in those scenes was really good! And the story as a whole wasn’t all too bad either. It still worked and I’d want to read it again.

It felt a bit like stumbling across an old flame in a bar and thinking: “Damn, I still get swept away by this guy.” Although you know very well that you shouldn’t. You tried and it didn’t work, end of story. 

I miss my main characters and I want to know how they’ll make it through the last sequel, one I haven’t written yet but know some juicy scenes that are supposed to take place already. And I want to get them there, no matter the price. 

So I guess that I’ll finish the novel I started in nanowrimo first (it will be a standalone novel – more chances of getting published, I hope) and at some point in this year get back to that old flame of mine…