While everyone is off celebrating the new year, mapping out what they want to achieve and wish for, I’ve been thinking a lot about that past year. I wanted to be able to find the one word that would wrap around it all, and I think I finally found it: REALIZATION.

Realization in all senses, in all languages. Realizing and acknowledging finally what really matters in my life, where I want to go and giving in to those daring and impossible dreams. Realizing the first steps of those dreams (in the French sense of the term), by doing things I never thought I would have the courage to do: write an entire novel and edit it, even send it off to agents. Taking a writing course. Participating in the nanowrimo. 

Realizing what makes me really tick and that, somehow, that part had been hiding inside all along, pushed away by the complexity of adulthood, but luckily back now to help me realize my crazy dreams and myself. 

So, as I’m not very much for New Year’s resolutions, I won’t make any concrete ones, but just this one promise to myself: to continue on that road of realization, step by step, no matter how scary, unrealistic, even stupid it may seem, because I owe it to myself. 

In that spirit, a happy 2017 to all and please try to keep in mind the good moments of the past year, to cherish them and hold onto them. 

If there was one word to describe your past year and the new one, what would it be for you?