I don’t believe that much in horoscopes. I really don’t. Yet there’s this little part inside me, that will force me to read the week’s predictions for my sign in every magazine.

So on the last days of December last year, what did I do? I surfed the net for the predictions for my zodiac sign. Usually these articles are filled with stuff that you can interpret one way or another and it will always turn out to fit your potential destiny somehow. Not that I completely doubt the logic behind the predictions, I just try to keep rational in my intentions to shape my own destiny.

I might add that, yes, I do believe there are sometimes weird coincidences in life, and that not everything is black and white and can be logically explained, so I’m not exactly the most rationally-thinking person out here.

So, there I went, surfing around, and found one that looked quite promising and motivating: lots of positive changes, challenges, the good stuff, you know. And then I fell onto one horoscope that was more terrifying than anything I’d read in a long time. Basically, it gave me predictions in the way of:

  • LOVE: if you’re married, you might possibly get divorced and it will be an ugly battle. You might not, but still, there are good odds at it.
  • WORK: you will certainly be overwhelmed, there’ll be some heavy changes, and you should be careful before accepting any new challenges.
  • FAMILY: your kids might have a hard time learning this year.

These are obviously only a few bits of the horoscope, but they are what I remembered. It probably had some positive points as well, something along the lines of many changes this year, better be ready to take them on. I vaguely remember something also about having to accept a hard time around a loved one, but that I basically have no choice but to shut up and endure it and compromise for this year.

That didn’t sound too cheerful now did it? I definitely am NOT ready to divorce any time soon, I’m not into changing jobs (can’t really afford it) and another year of difficult learning? Ugh!

I then searched around for some other horoscopes that sounded better, but that one stuck with me. And instead of being already tired about the year about to get into gear, I thought out strategies to be ready to face all the stuff that was going to throw itself my way in the coming months :

  • LOVE: well, after a long marriage, it might be time to try and get one’s attention back to the loved one, to keep being honest and most of all, show the respect and understanding that is deserved. I tend to forget that, mostly after a long day at work, and that’s simply unfair and unproductive.
  • WORK: I’m working on establishing a more healthy and productive working routine, where I’ll get more stuff done in less time, and simply be more efficient. This is also something I will use as a guideline when reorganization the department, if necessary, or at least to keep in mind to find ways to make the workload more manageable for everyone and the job more satisfying.
  • FAMILY: Oh well, I’m sort of used to it. My main goal this year will be to try and be more understanding and calm when it comes to homework. The kids don’t need another nagging self-appointed teacher at home but someone who believes in them and builds up their self-esteem instead of crushing it even more. Support their qualities and passions, and avoid that they lose it over the years, as I did before rediscovering them again will be target number 1.

And so, I guess I’ve used this sort of scary prognosis in a good way. And it sort of sums up how I want this year to be, and how I intend to work towards it being a simply nice and brilliant year.

Last week I told you about my strategy at how to turn some scary predictions for this year into motivations to make my life simpler, and this year more or less fantastically productive and healthy.