Do you ever feel like simply wanting to go home from work, cradle up in your bed with a good book, chocolate, wine or beer or whatever booze is closest, and not talk to anyone?
I certainly do, and one of the hardest thing when founding a family early in life and becoming an adult was the fact that you simply never get any “off time”. It doesn’t exist. Gone forever.

This is why I liked the post from Thirty on Tap, which gives a simple but good insight into what it means to some day have to accept that you’ve entered adulthood…


By Jillian Stacia Congratulations, you’re an adult! Welcome to the age of paralyzing fear, crippling self-doubt and lots of cereal for dinner! Here are some pieces of advice and words of wisdom that we wish someone had told us before we started this whole adult thing:

via No One Has Any Idea What They’re Doing… And Other Things No One Tells You About Adulting — Thirty On Tap