I didn’t dare post anything before this time of the day, fearing I’d jinx it all! But yes, I’m almost done and I still can’t believe it. 

They had been to get on and finish my story from last NaNoWriMo, but considering I had about 62,000 words and a good third of the story to be written, I’d set a rather tough goal of writing 5,000 words every day. 

It didn’t look good, as I didn’t manage to get any writing time squeezed in on Monday and Tuesday and the rest of the week didn’t look peachy either. But then, boom! I wrote a little on Wednesday, but over 15,000 words yesterday and then again 12,000 today and tadaaah: I’m at 95,000 and only two scenes away from the end of the book. 

You’ll imagine the writing isn’t any close to perfect with that kind of speedy writing that made me end up with cramps in my fingers. I tried to knit this evening but realized I couldn’t because the fingers just wouldn’t do. 

But seriously, how cool is it when you know exactly what is going to happen in every scene that follows and the pieces of the puzzle suddenly all match together, even the ones you hadn’t really thought of. It’s a brilliant feeling and I can’t wait to sneak at my computer this weekend and finish the whole thing!