It’s been one of these days today… slowly creeping into my system, munching on my energy and diminishing it to nothing. And when I’ve hit the bottom, I’ll go out for the deadly combination of “chips, chocolate & a diet coke.” 

I’ll tell myself that it will help me get on track and get inspired for the projects I have to work on at work but… nope. Never happens. I’ll spend the entire day instead slapping my own hand when I want to search the net for some new sewing pattern or my horoscope. Or both. 

I did get some editing of my book done, but am not really convinced of the outcome. For the rest? Pffff. A bitterly disappointing day and week which I can’t wait to be over. Ideally with projects done in time without any effort and all discussions and problems having vanished as well.

Sometimes it just is so hard to be a responsible adult, isn’t it?