What better is there than to browse a book shop, looking for new things to read when you’ve just finished a book? 

I had finally the time to read one of the books out of the stack that is waiting forlorn on my bedside table, a classic for a change, “A streetcar named desire” by Tennessee Williams.

I was surprised at how much I loved it! I even read through the long commentary at the beginning of the book to better understand the time and place the play was written in, and enjoyed it immensely. I felt thrown back 20 years into secondary school and studying British and American Literature, and it was wonderful to take some time to ponder a story, the themes, the characters, the setting, in short: the piece in all its lights. I’m also trying to figure out when I can steal a couple of hours to watch the movie.

With this story set in the past still buzzing in my mind, I gave in to three classics, partly because they were simply beautiful. 

I’ve of course already read Romeo and Juliet some day long ago, but I just couldn’t resist….

Pretty, isn’t it? I actually caught myself caressing the covers of some poetry books, loving the fabric-like texture of the cover… kind of creepy, I know.

Ooooh and details like that just make me give in. I don’t stand a chance in a bookshop.