On my zillionth editing review of my novel I suddenly realized that a stranger had sneaked his way into the story! My main character had been taken over by the one in last year’s novel, unconsciously, just like that. And it took me a dozen reviews to realize it!

Sort of scary, like those faces of people that have long since passed away and that you keep seeing out there in the street until you realize that they don’t belong in the picture…

I’m nearing the editing process and can’t wait to send the whole thing off to agents. This is the moment where you don’t even care that much anymore what happens, you just want to get rid of it, in a way, and move on to something else. The plan is to send it out next week and then to pray, light candles, and beg the Gods to make something good come out of it. Or simply run off on holidays with only books and sun lotion and open the mind for the next project.