The problem with nanowrimo…

I took part in last year's nanowrimo, for the first time, and although I joined only during the last 10 days, I actually managed to get the 50,000 words done. Yay! And I liked my story. I still do actually,... Continue Reading →

a little insight into the 30ies

  Do you ever feel like simply wanting to go home from work, cradle up in your bed with a good book, chocolate, wine or beer or whatever booze is closest, and not talk to anyone? I certainly do, and... Continue Reading →

Basic small tasks for creating happiness every day

Happiness doesn't come for free, apparently. But there are small, teeny tiny things you can do to create your own little precious happy moments and also make someone else's day.

When reaching your goal isn’t quite what you expected

Last month, I reached one of my biggest goals and ran my first 21K. It wasn't really a goal I'd set myself for 2017, but deep inside something I knew I wanted to prove myself one day that I was... Continue Reading →

Drafting the road for 2017

As a short reminder, I wrote last week about my horoscope of 2017, which talked about it going to be a tough year, with many ups and downs, heavy challenges at work, and which would make me feel quickly overwhelmed if I didn't prepare for it. So, knowing my own tendency to set unrealistic goals, plunging myself into insurmountable workloads and projects which usually make me end up in a depressed and crying heap of misery, I thought I'd try to tackle this year a bit more cleverly.

Drafting out 2017 or who else is afraid of this year’s horoscope?

I don't believe that much in horoscopes. I really don't. Yet there's this little part inside me, that will force me to read the week's predictions for my sign in every magazine. So on the last days of December last year, what did I do? I surfed the net for the predictions for my zodiac sign.

Messing with Monday Monster

It's 9.40 pm and I'm rummaging through the sweets drawer in the kitchen. Chocolate? Nah. Licorice? Nope, had two huge pieces already - didn't work. Digestive biscuits? I take two, munch them and add a glass of milk. That still... Continue Reading →

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